KWS-MX16 USB Power Current Voltage Capacity mAh Meter Charger and Battery Safety Tester
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This is a multifunctional USB testing tool, it can measure voltage, current, discharge flow including timing, over flow and voltage protection. Its small size allow it to be easily carried and stored, you can use it anywhere and anytime. The screen displays current and voltage data for easy viewing, with automatic data saving function when interruption of power supply occurs.




  • Voltage ( input / output ) : 4V - 30V
  • Current ( input / output ) : 0A - 5A
  • Accuracy: + / - 1 percent
  • Timekeeping: 0 - 99 hours
  • Timing: 0 - 24 hours
  • Power: 0 - 150W
  • Capacity: 0 - 99999mAh
  • Application: Computer,Mobile phone
  • Package weight: 0.052 kg
  • Product Size: 7.00 x 2.40 x 1.30 cm


Measuring current and voltage parameters of Micro USB line quality: USB output port is connected to mobile phone and the USB input port is plugged with the 5V charger. The smaller the voltage difference between connecting charger and without connecting charger, the better the quality of the Micro USB line.
Use TP4056 and other linear charging circuit to fully charge the battery with completely no power, the capacity data on the KWS-MX16 is the battery capacity, and using this method, you can also test the mobile phone charging capacity. Connect this testing tool to portable power source and turn on it. Press the button on KWS-MX16 until the capacity data is zero. Insert the cell phone to charge until the portable power source switches off automatically. The next time you open this tool, the displayed capacity would be the portable power source output mAh


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1x KWS-MX16 USB Power Current Voltage Capacity mAh Meter Charger and Battery Safety Tester

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