PWM DC Motor Speed Controller 1000W 6V - 90V 15A
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This DC Motor Speed Controller controls the speed of a DC motor using a Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM) DC voltage from 6V to 90V with a duty cycle continuously adjustable from 0%-100%. A panel-mount potentiometer for the speed control is included with the module. The duty cycle can also be controlled by a 0-5V analog control signal in place of the potentiometer.

The motor speed controller can provide a continuous current of 15A to your DC motor or other DC load. The module includes a user-replaceable board-mounted 15A fuse to protect the motor and controller form overcurrent conditions.



  • Operating voltage: DC6V-DC90V
  • Control Power: 0.01-1000W (Max Current:15A)
  • Quiescent Current: 0.05A (standby)
  • PWM duty cycle: 10% -100%
  • PWM Frequency: 13khz
  • Reverse polarity protection and high-current protection. (Fuse type 20A)
  • Control voltage :0 - 5v ( speed of motor can be controlled directly with PLC)
  • Control voltage over-voltage protection (20A fast ceramic fuse)
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1x PWM DC Motor Speed Controller 1000W 6V - 90V 15A

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